Walking with Jericho stewardship Group

On Sunday February 11th, I joined the Jericho Stewardship Group for a walk through Jericho Beach Park to learn more about the Park's ecology. Members introduced me to the wide range of trees growing in the Park including: Cottonwood, Beaked Hazelnut, Pacific Crabapple, and Maple. In partnership with Vancouver Parks, JSG is working to remove invasive species and plant native trees and shrubs such as Sitka SpruceDouglas Fir, Arbutus, and Salmonberry.  

These trees and shrubs play an important role in providing habitat for birds, animals and insects. Bird activity is most evident around the marsh and pond areas of the Park. There are a number of ducks swimming and preening in the cool waters. What is less evident, but equally important is the bat population living in the Park. I'm curious to learn more about these nocturnal creatures. 

Holly Schmidt